"The duo exemplifies all that one identifies as the California sound – a wide open, melodious approach buoyed by the pair’s pristine and airtight harmonies." - Chuck Dauphin | billboard.com


"Great Artists!" - Chris Young | Platinum Recording Country Artist


"Fun, bright, energetic. The California sun bottled up in a case of Country Music." - Tyler Rich | Country Artist

"This band is AWESOME!" - Mike the Miz | WWE RAW


"You know it's going to be a good time when Golden West is around: they bring the party! They also have hearts of gold and all that is reflected in their music." - Chaley Rose, Nashville (tv series) | Country Artist


"Golden West isn't your typical band.  They don't do music to be cool, for the money, or for the fame.  They do it because it is inside of them and it comes so naturally.  They love to have a good time and are trying to enjoy their ride rather than making music feel like a "job"; I believe the best songs come out of that mentality.  Even though Golden West is a country band, their musical abilities don't keep them in one genre.  Both Nash and Brittany are able to write music in any genre and it shows through their new style of country music." - Cameron Olson (of Weathers) | Alternative Artist


"Brittany & Nash are a damn party!  If you wanna throw your drink up in the air and vacate your life for a bit, these guys can do it for you." - Two Way Crossing | Country Artist


"These guys are fun & upbeat; they bring the party!" - Curt Chambers, Grammy Winning Songwriter | Producer


"Nash & Brittany are the life of the party. They are easy going & happy people who enjoy life, their friends, and making music.  They both always have a smile on their face! I can put their music on and it is so easy to listen and sing along to.... I guess the best word to describe both them and their music is EASY!" | Brittany Berggren Photography


"Golden West arrives musically just like they roll into a party: full of love, life, and letting go.  Unapologetic in their approach to music, they create songs and stories fully ranging from thought provoking and emotional, to "let's forget it all and set the mood to party mode... Britt and Nash can do it all as songwriters, producers, and performers... If you're looking for a good time, great vibe, pick you up and make your night shine kind of band? This. Is. It." Ryan Sorestad | Songwriter

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Previous events


Listening Room, 4th Ave, Nashville

Join these talented artists/songwriters for a brand new round called Nashville's "On the Verge". This event will bring you Nashville's hottest talent who are coming up in the country music ranks. From songwriters to artists, this event is one you won't want to miss!

Join us on Wednesday, January 2nd at 8:30pm for the first "On the Verge" event which will feature Cort Carpenter, Josh Melton, Mark Burke, & Golden West.

The Listening Room offers one of the best places in Nashville to grab food and drinks, and be able to kick back and enjoy the talent Nashville has to offer. Tickets are only $5!

Bring a friend and spread the word to all.